How to do Proper Video Marketing for your Online Muslim Travel Guide

If you have seen online Muslim travel guides such as, then you should know that apart from quality content, website traffic is essential to sustain their long term profitability. It doesn’t matter if you have the best content on halal restaurants in London or Muslim friendly accommodations in New York, as long as no knows your site exist, your website’s revenue will not increase. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating traffic and revenue to your online Muslim travel guide site. Let’s look into how you can utilise video marketing effectively.

Make And Compile Video

First let’s start with making the video. There are many types of video to make, but here we will deal with two main types – video slideshow and live video.

Video Slideshow

Open a simple slide making software like Microsoft Powerpoint, et cetera and choose a template with preferably a light coloured background. Add your online Muslim travel guide website as the first and the last slide.

Next, make new slides focusing on only only one point per slide. Ensure that the words are quite visible and that the slide is short and sweet. Remember that the slides only serve to provide the main points of your content while you will narrate each point further in the background.

If you have prepared a video script, rehearse it first. Once you are ready, read from the script and record your voice using a simple microphone connected to any recording program found on your computer. Finally, use a simple video compiling software like Windows Movie Maker, Adobe or any others to compile the slides and the sound files. Ensure that you synchronise the slides and the sound.

Live Video

Set up your webcam, video cam, or whichever video recording device you prefer. Rehearse your script carefully, and try to memorise or understand what you are going to say. Put aside the script or away from the camera but in your view (in case you need to refer to it).

Once you are ready, record yourself saying or performing the content. Try not to constantly refer to the script and act natural and normal. Always begin with introducing who you are, what you are doing or promoting and inform the viewers about your website. Then go on to explain or perform the content. Finally, end with recommending your viewer to check out your website or for more information, free stuff, et cetera.

When you are done recording, import your video into a simple compiling video software like Windows Movie Maker. Add your website URL at the beginning and the end. Edit and trim down the unnecessary parts while at the same time, ensure that the sound and video are synchronised. Once you are satisfied, compile the video.

Marketing The Video

Once you have made your video, let’s look at how you can market it and bring tons of traffic to your online Muslim travel guide site.

Go to video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, and register an account on each of them. Read the rules, regulations and guidelines of each site about the type of content is allowed or disallowed, and what you can and cannot do. Then, follow the instructions on how to upload your video onto these sites.

Put relevant popular keywords related to the content of your video as tags. Copy the video source code from either one of the video sites and paste it into a new post for your website or blog. Next, go to your social media accounts, and create posts or content that link to your blog with good anchor keywords. Inform your social media friends and followers to check out the video, and spread it on to their friends and followers.