How to Make the Best of your Life

The Will is everything. Everything that constitutes what you are as a human being is nothing compared to the supremacy of your Will. It is your Will that is the connection between you and the Ultimate Will of All. Your Will is a reflection of His Image. Your Will is a creation of His Will, yet your Will is the Master. His Will is simply the Provider. Strip yourself of all your trappings, your experiences, your conditions, your body parts, your thoughts, your emotions even, it is your Will that defines you as who you truly are.

Do you truly know what you are doing now? Do you even know what to do? Do you know how to do what you are supposed to do? Do you know how to do it well? What are you doing now? Can you do it better? Are you even supposed to do it? Let these seemingly simplistic questions resonate in your consciousness and translate into your actions. Let this day be a day of pondering.

Do you know where you are going? Are you allowing yourself to take the best possible path to where you are going? Is your journey going to be full of learning, wisdom and strife? Is your journey going to be smooth-sailing and pleasurable all the way? What is the good and bad that you can see in both types of journeys? Is it more about the journey or more about the destination? Are you on the correct road in the first place? Are you unconsciously losing sight of your destination, forgetting where and when to stop?

If you can focus on only one thing at a time, what would you focus upon right now? What is the most immediate, the most important, the most pressing thing you must be giving attention to now? What is the one thing right now that, if you don’t look into it, if you don’t give enough attention to it, it would tremendously affect the rest of your journey in ways beyond your expectation? What can you not afford to miss right now? What should you have done earlier which is right now nagging you to settle it? Can you see the next few steps to take?