Simple Steps to Answer Questions you can Learn from a Home Tutor in Singapore

The education system in Singapore is one of the toughest in the world. Many students constantly have problems understanding concepts in many subjects, especially complicated ones like Maths, Physics and English. Many students feel that engaging a home tutor is the only way to help them improve in their studies. While there are a plethora of home tutors, you need to be able to find a good home tutor Singapore is famous for.

Firstly, a good home tutor should be able to identify students’ issues, weaknesses and doubts in their underperforming subjects. This will enable the tutor to act promptly whenever students face problems in their work, and guide them towards the right path. Next, a good tutor will be able to see that not all students have similar learning curves and needs. As such, the tutor must cater his or her tutoring techniques to suit the style and learning ability of the students. In addition, a good tutor can impart proven tactics to help his or her students tackle and answer questions well. One such tactic will be explained further below.

One of the main problems students face, even after learning the relevant facts and concepts, is the ability to handle and answer questions properly. To overcome this problem, a good home tutor will usually guide students via the following steps.

  • Read the question carefully, and deconstruct exactly what it is asking about.
  • Next, identify and extract the keywords and sub main keywords from the question.
  • Based on the identified keywords, determine which topic you need to get the information from and also, whether you need to answer in just one word or phrase or by constructing an actual sentence or paragraph.
  • Subsequently, you must recall the facts and knowledge that is relevant to the question.
  • Finally, answer the question in the required format, and check for any mistakes in your answer.

Let’s look at a simple exercise on experimental design and see how we can tackle it. For example, let’s say the question asks you to “Name an appropriate apparatus to measure a volume of 10 cubic centimeters of water.” From this question, we can identify the main keywords are basically “Name” and “apparatus”, while the sub main keywords are measure, volume, 10 cubic centimeters and water. In addition, measurement is the relevant topic to recall the facts from.

Since we are asked to “Name”, we just need to write a one word or phrase answer without having to construct an actual sentence. And the word “apparatus” and the sub keywords tells us that the answer needs to involve an equipment for measuring a specific volume of water. Of course, the answer in this case is “measuring cylinder”. And there you have it. A simple way to approach and tackle an exercise on experimental design and how to answer questions.

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