What you Can Do Next After Retrenchment

This pandemic has changed a lot of ways that we are living. It has already created an effect in the economy. Unfortunately, companies these days are either closing or letting some people go to keep the company alive, which is why many people have been retrenched from their jobs. Being laid-off or retrenched in a company is not easy. It can take a lot of your mental energy. You would worry what will happen next, especially if you have been in that job for so long. For those who have experienced this, this might be a time that you are questioning yourself about what you will do next.

The Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) can help in guiding you through your career path. E2i is an institute where workers and employers create a network that seeks employment and employability status. E2i serves as the bridge between workers and employers. For retrenched employees, e2i provides retrenchment support where they give guidance to people that are going through career transitions.

E2i has coaches that you can meet so that you will have a better view of your career journey. They also offer workshops where you can gain insights and competitive edge on your job search. These workshops are not only for learning but also networking with others.

At e2i, they will help you go through the transition by guiding you. There are coaches from different industries that will share their expertise and impart their knowledge with you, so that you will not feel lost during the transition of your career. There are also experts that can help you assess your current career. With this assessment, they can help you realize what are other options available for you.

E2i can also help you in identifying other opportunities that are available for you. You might say that a certain job is the only thing you know, but in e2i, their coaches and experts can probably help you realize what other talents and skills you might actually have. With their network of professionals, you can take inspiration from their stories, and find out what other opportunities are best for you.

And when you have talked to coaches and experts at e2i, together, you can create an action plan for your career transition. This action plan can give you an overview on how you can be successful on your chosen career path. But remember, these coaches and experts are only there to guide you. You will need to put in the work and execute the action plan well so that you would be successful.

E2i connects workers and employers and they offer job security by job matching, career guidance and skills upgrading. E2i has partnered with many employers to address their manpower needs for recruitment, training and job redesigning. So joining e2i would mean that there is a whole new network of people you can meet, and they can help you during this time of transition. Remember, it is never a bad idea to seek help. And during this time of transition, it is always better if you have guidance coming from experts.